Buenos Aires

Without space, without time,
without context


Dino Valentini

Dic. 15, 2022 — Feb. 10, 2023

About exhibition

Shaking and emptying the notions of time, space and context through their different productions is what these artists propose, taking as a starting point their different and profound investigations and compositional and formal searches. In the instance of problematizing these concepts, it seems fundamental in the journey of the three artists to recover the actions of: erasing, disordering and collapsing some beliefs and giving rise to uncertainty, the intangible, the fictional and above all, the imaginable. . Because no technical intention can replace the element of imagination.

The watercolors that construct César Núñez’s landscapes are offered as an other space, sterile, rocky and uninhabited. A territory without interruptions yet, without any trace that allows us to discover their origin and temporality. César finds the metaphor of these worlds in science, explaining that the limit that exists between space and black holes houses possible territories that could not reach the speed of light. Using art as a language (creation tool) to explain phenomena of the cosmos (science) becomes as captivating as it is uncomfortable.
In turn, Inés Pérez Bouzas, in her drawings, photos and video, takes up the idea of the loss of linear time. In her stories she tries to bring past situations to the present, perhaps also from an imaginary future, or without a defined time as happens in dreams, where periods are disordered and strangeness is the protagonist. Her image is presented as a hauntological x-ray, where ghosts from the past and future operate in the present. Motivated by the urgent need to reconnect with the land, Inés highlights her concern for reimagining the territories, generating new dynamics and links. The impulse to create an aesthetic of disorder, superimposition and indefinite fragments of bodies, plants and new species seems to be Inés’ strategy to find different ways of inhabiting.
When re-thinking territorial contexts and identities, the works that María Silvia Corcuera presents in this exhibition do not begin and end in themselves, but are reconfigured from the poetic creation of the accumulation of different objects and iconography from various cultures. , which the artist subjects to her transculturation process: it promotes the encounter between materials and elements from different cultures to create something new. On this occasion she is working on a series that has its origin in the documentation of spellings of the Aguada culture made by Ana María Montes. María Silvia, in a tribute to Montes’ work, makes a free interpretation of the Aguada iconography and puts it into play with elements of her work, in a rhythmic and serial sequence as happens in many pre-Columbian cultures.
Drawings, paintings, photos, videos and installations invite us in this exhibition to reflect not only on the poetics and artistic practices of María Silvia, Inés and César, but also on our own perception of the cosmos, our cultural patterns and identity and our way of inhabiting territories and landscapes.

Dino Valentini

Selected works

César Núñez

What I find out today, I'll erase tomorrow... #5

Watercolor and graphite on paper

27 x 31 in