Buenos Aires

Behind the eyes


Natalia Albanese

Mar. 20, 2024 — Apr. 26, 2024

About exhibition

Behind the eyes is an exhibition that seeks through the experimentation of medieval symbolic language the visual universes of a new feminine, esoteric and monstrous surrealism.

The snake, the knife, the mirrors, the Cadiz, the blood. The blood, the cadiz, the mirrors, the snake, the knife. The mirrors, the blood, the cadiz, the snake and the knife.
The knife, the snake, the cadiz, the blood and the mirrors. The Cadiz, the knife, the blood, the mirrors and the snake.
Renata tears, squeezes and screams from her viscera and through her mental labyrinths to create dreamlike landscapes, passionate dialogues, fictional contemplations that introduce us into her surreal realm. Under her capricious rules and subsumed in the laws of alchemical knowledge that dominate the fantasy of her dreams, recurring elements emerge in her brushstrokes. The snake, the knife, the mirrors, the Cadiz, the blood and her. In his works, different planes and scenarios can be observed, in front of different intensities, these instruments of pain and pleasure appear, which ignite a narrative where she is the main character. The selection of each instrument was carefully thought out, as they represent fragments of a symbolism that fragments of a symbolism that obeys a mythology of its own.
Painter. Her. Me. Minerva. Artemis. Artefacta. Alchemist, sorceress, apprentice, prostitute and assassin, with a little of each one of them, she pays homage consciously and unconsciously to women, because she suffers and enjoys synchronically before the events she creates.